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05.07.2019 18:27

We are a gardening company that intends to revolutionize the market, make a 360º turn.

Our intention is to create various lines of action.

We currently offer quality services in the creation of green spaces for 15 years. Dedicated to train more than a hundred people to become aware of a better world

Our intention is to break the sector and bring people closer to you using new technologies and new applications.

It is a pleasure for us to open the project to the community, giving the possibility of participating in our way of seeing the world.

The projects to be created are:

  • whitepaper
  • route map
  • new web
  • Online store
  • shop for franchises
  • Decentralized market for the sale of seeds with (petalo coin).
  • significant discounts on services and products

On the other hand, the project from the beginning guarantees the repurchase of the currency since we use it to finance ourselves, but we also want to have the maximum value without losing the part of the project.

You can participate with very little purchase and you will see how there will always be an order to buy the same cryptocurrencies.

Plant seeds generate a lot of value, it is the third most important market in the world and we should decentralize the project by creating a seed bank in origin.

Hopefully, we find a community that contributes little among many and we generate something good in the decentralization of this market controlled by multinationals.

Animaros is an open project, for those who want to participate.

greetings and thanks for your attention

No one remembers the importance of seeds until there is a great deep crisis.

The creation of a seed bank in origin is an important part of the project.

At this moment, I try to develop the idea on a white paper and program the web in a comprehensible way for all.

If someone wants to show that the value of PETALO will always be backed by a purchase, we will send 10 petals to your WAVES account. We did a promotion of 100 users, now there are 50 users left to receive a reward until we reach 100.

If you want a reward before you reach 100, leave your waves account

I reiterate that it is a serious project, since it reflects the real economy of a new part of the existing company.

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We have already given away the criticisms and less than 94% have disposed of them, 2% have been burned.
1000 (PTL) have been sent to to give a vote of confidence to that project.

We have already acquired the domains and reserved the social networks soon we will share them with the interested ones.

I encourage you to participate in Waves Dex:

If you want to make a donation to the project in Waves:


And you will know our gratitude …

Greetings Toni

First investment!
We have purchased the domains and their associated services!

Official website

Soon we will post information.

Petalo (PTL) in Waves dex:



We remind you that it is not a fundraiser, it is an open and decentralized project that already generates benefits.

Each week, we inject money from the benefits to the project.

Greetings Toni

Petal Principles

Supporting the waves ecosystem, this will be the only official forum of the petal project.

Credibility and sustainability:
There will always be an interest in buying the total working capital that will be reflected over time.

Trust and transparency:
The accounts of the people directly involved will be public on the official website.

We will incorporate new partners to the project tirelessly and we will participate in the active purchase of tokens, waves community projects among others.

In what stage is the project and what is going?

There are many applications that we will give to intelligent contracts, little by little we will explain everything.

We have come to stay.

Greetings Toni

Official Facebook channel:

We already have the development and logistics center loaned by one of the partners
Montseny, Barcelona, ​​Spain

We are a gardening company in Barcelona, ​​which will make the leap to the sale of products related to plants. Our project is associated with a “smart contract, token, cryptocurrency” within the Waves ecosystem, which is in beta phase. "Petalo (PTL) is the precursor to a more powerful ETH etherum ecosystem, and we have been testing blockchain technology for many years since its inception.

We also believe in a radical change to the experience with the plants, with more than 20 years of study and full of labor relations with the sector, distributors, etc … We want to set up a new type of franchise shop, with principles and ethics very well defined.

We are in the process of locating the first prototype of the Shop in an excellent location, which refers to the logistic product that is alive and highly related to our work activity, allowing cross-selling of products.

This the beginning still great leap in intelligent ecosystems.

We are opening more space in the network, we already have a new page associated with the petalo project. The official page of the store. That soon we will begin to hang the products. It is written in Spanish, but will soon be in French, Catalan, Italian and English.

It is being finalized with suppliers and about to open the first physical store in Barcelona.

Join Petalo now!

Toni S.

If you have something to do with the plants that you find fascinating, do not hesitate to contact us.

Toni s.

We have already begun to hang our products in the online store.

greetings toni

We are very happy with the effort we are making in Petalo and grateful for the participation of our closest environment.

The demand for petals is getting bigger.

We have gone from 0.002 waves to 0.014 waves, thanks to the people who trust us.

The online store is ready, and received visits and we have already had the first sale.

We introduce new products every day.

Participate in petalyou - petalo

greetings Toni

We are moving forward, little by little, because we are going far …

lest go

Soon, we will post our updated social networks and start the advertising campaign.

By September, we will open the first physical store, and we will already have all the products in the online store.

Thank heart to those who participate …

ROI 3000%
By the end of August, purchase orders for more than 1000 Waves.

We are already on the 700 waves.

We have started conversations to qualify our token within the waves ecosystem at

There are very few for sale and they are becoming more expensive …

starting price - 0.002 waves
current price- 0.06 waves

Take advantage now, tomorrow will be late …

Greetings Toni Segura. Petalo CEO.

We have already hung our simplified whitepaper for users.
At the moment it is only in Spanish.


greetings Toni

greetings friends,

We already have very advanced web pages, online store, and we run with the formation of our closest environment for the integration of the smart contract.

We have opened a telegram for all those who wanted to know the project from its origin, you can participate and see the results in time

Be the first…

good morning,

We have very good news, we have already been included in coinmarketcap.