Platform Feedback Wanted

We are looking for people who might be interested in testing our platform. The testnet version is available at Keep in mind that this is a testnet version of the platform. Do not send any real coins/tokens to addresses displayed by the website.

If you are interested, we would like to know if you had a good experience on the website. Did you experience long loading times? Was all of the information displayed clear to you? Did you encounter any issues? We appreciate all the feedback we can get!

We have collected our first valuable feedback from beta users. We have noticed that people don’t fully understand what kind of platform Bitvested is. The platform is built around a token that is acting like a share in a fund. The funds generated from the token sale will create an underlying value that will determine the future price of the token. The underlying value is traded by (profitable) experienced traders. These trades will yield a profit or loss, which will cause the value of the token to fluctuate. Because we are trading with a smaller share of the underlying value, the Bitvested Token offers a more stable alternative to invest in cryptocurrencies.

I’d like to test it if it is still possible.
Working on a similar project rn