Pool Party Nodes

Pool name: Pool Party Nodes :sunny:

Address for leasing: 3PNVJBPfP3staohpek1HYUjj5vVccrbZzPK

Website: poolpartynodes.com

telegram group: https://t.me/PoolPartyNodesANN

Payment policy: 95% of waves paid to leasors on a weekly basis + 500 PPn distributed among leasers

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers: Once a week

Pool Representatives:



(e.g. country, optional)

Feature voting policy:

We support all positive and forward moving development features on the waves blockchain

Other Details:
Waves Merchant Shop, Clothing, Street Wear & Accessories

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Payment 26/09/18

1.01178 Waves paid to leasers

Vultr Vps Payment #2

Vultr Vps Payment #3

Node lease payout #7 Complete!
90% Waves and 50% Mrt paid💰

0.328 Waves :large_blue_diamond:

41.44 Mrt⚒️

10000 Pool Party Node Token💙

Made to 39 addresses🚀

Thanks for supporting/leasing your tokens to @PoolPartyNodes
@wavesplatform https://t.co/wmH6Sg1UqO

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