Pospool.io node

You can use Waves calculator here: https://wavesplatform.com/leasing (not sure if it is working correctly).
Still, 1 leased Wave gives 0,000006 Waves per day appoximately.

great. thx for this information

Is there any reason why POSPOOL didn’t update their node and are not voting for Smart Assets and Smart account trading?

We want to postpone it a little bit so that activation of new features will take place on weekdays and not on holidays.

This actually makes sense as waves team will be on holidays, but would it not have been nice to make this statement instead of just doing?

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It doesn’t make much sense to me!

WavesNG was a much bigger deal and activated (I think, late on a Friday).

The blockchain doesn’t respect holidays!

Plus we just spent many weeks testing it on Testnet.

Still, it’s ultimately your decision.

I partially agree with that, but nevertheless If there would be any bigger Problems due to the activation it makes totaly sense that the waves-team will be there in full strength.

What happens if next voting round/activation lands on holiday?

A blockchain is as valuable as the people working on it (and people usually take holidays ;))
imo it’s the right approach, fine to postpone it 2 weeks and afterwards implement the new features one by one

Hi! Is there a way to check my reward amount?

You can use this simple api request, just paste your address and put it in your browser:
http:// “your address”

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Will you vote on features 9 and 10?
We need 80%.
Your share is 14:17%.

As we already said, for security reasons, we believe it is better to postpone the activation until the end of holidays in Russia.

Hi! What the size of the reward on my address now. Isn’t it time to finish this infinite process?

Hi there
I have received payment of below can you kindly please verify and confirm as the message description given some link to sign in to gain some waves and WCT coins, Is this geninue transaction and done bye you?? as the transaction shows as mass payment as am newbie not aware maybe a spam? please correct me

Please do not follow any links in descriptions, as in most cases these are not genuine and are phishing links.
The Pospool waves address is 3PNMvAqJWYPkwf8fhz46rZiLEWpTmuhD3Uh

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Right now the sum of your reward is 0,0183855 Waves, almost there!

Reminder: rewards are distributed automatically upon reaching above 0.02 Waves.

As kimbimlim said, don’t follow shady links and you’ll be fine.

Works Out At 3333.33333333 Waves Leased Will Pay You 0.02 waves Per Day.

Worked Out From The other Reply On Your Comment Of 1 Leased wave Paying 0.0000006 (I Think Thats The Right Amount of Zeros lol)

Correction. 0.000006 Waves

So You Will Earn About 7.3 Waves Per Year…

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