Pospool.io node

**Pool name: Pospool

**Address for leasing: 3PNMvAqJWYPkwf8fhz46rZiLEWpTmuhD3Uh

**Website: Pospool.io

**Payment policy: Payout every day for those who have at least 0.02 Waves on their balance. We pay 98% of rewards, all tokens are being sold before reward distribution.

Pool Representatives:

Contact Pospool here on the forum, or drop us an email:

[email protected]

Feature voting policy:

We currently support all features but vote for one new feature at a time. We would like to consider lessors opinion once there will be a practical and easy way to vote.

Other Details:

We have one of the smallest fees on the market, only 2%.
We send rewards via our blocks, so there are NO transaction fees.
We are simple and safe.

If you would like us to support your token or you have any questions, please contact us: Click to email


Your daily payouts are just a killer feature, nice work!

  • Why do you still support assets as a fee? The sponsors age has come.
  • How do you sell tokens? It looks like you`re doing it with bare hands.

Thank you,

Selling by hands mainly relates to MRT and other airdrops. Right now all commissions are converted automatically, but MRT and others alike are being sold manually. We have an upcoming automation for that too.

Hi! Regular payments from you stopped on July 9. Why?

Hi. It may appear that your reward haven’t filled up enough and is currently lower than 0.02. Other than that, all rewards are distributed automaticaly once there is more than 0.02 Waves on the balance.
You can give us your address if you are curious about your stake right now.

My leasing deposit is 7.7 waves. It’s a little more than 0.02
Address 3P2RBxct2KoLqigJA5XiA7LUXcM3eLXoxDJ
Until July 9, payments were made every day

We are talking about reward amount, not your total leased Waves. Your last reward was 0.00001544, but since July we pay only after reward reaches above 0.02, so it will take some time to fill up.
Right now you have accumulated 0.00348862 Waves.

I understood. Thanks.

whats the minimum deposit to get payment 0.02 wave?


You may lease any amount you want, but we pay only after the sum of your reward reaches above 0.02 Waves.

What is going on?

Our node started to mine on it’s own fork and was unable to sync with the rest of the network. Node was restarted and is going to be back in few hours.

You could avoid off-line block generation by quorum setting: https://docs.wavesplatform.com/en/waves-full-node/configuration-parameters.html

This number should be more than a number of your private nodes (if a cluster used).

en cuanto tiempo paga el arrendamiento?

Pagamos solo después de que la suma de su recompensa llegue a más de 0.02 Waves.

Trivial question, but I am new to waves.

I started a small lease to test things out. To lease more should I cancel the first to combine funds, or does this even matter if one has multiple leases to the same wallet.


No need to cancel your first lease, your leases will combine and rewards will be calculated accordingly.

Wonderful. Thank you for responding.

hi. i have a question. how many waves do i have to invest to get daily 0,02 waves??? thanks a lot

thats my question, too