Possible reasons of 'socket hang up' error on broadcast

I’m broadcasting a lot of transactions and got this error

request to https://pool.testnet.wavesnodes.com/transactions/broadcast failed, reason: socket hang up

What can be wrong?

I would like to see more news

Can you provide any details, like request time? Status code of the response?

I couldn’t say better:

When you are a client

When you, as a client, send a request to a remote server, and receive no timely response. Your socket is ended which throws this error. You should catch this error and decide how to handle it: whether retry the request, queue it for later, etc.

No more details, unfortunately

My question is “What can be wrong?” with the sockets on your node server (I do not open any socket directly, I use ‘broadcast’ RESTful API).

So, for now, I’ve changed a logic to send transactions and there are no more errors… but I cannot understand what way of broadcasting transactions can throws this issue…

Maybe combination of ‘transfer’ (from different account to current) and ‘broadcast’ (from current account) without any valuable delay will do this?
Does it mean that my code hangs (=“повесил”, RUS) node server?