Price calculation of new issued Token on the Exchange

What is the method that is used to calculate the price of a new Token on the Exchange in relationship with the total number of issued Tokens?

We know that most exchanges use the formula marketcap = price * circulating supply

For ex.: If I issue 100 new tokens, are these 100 tokens considered as being already in the circulating supply?

And how to calculate the increase/decrease of price on the exchange?

For ex.: if price of token is 1 USD and someone buys 10 tokens, based on a total supply of 100 tokens, what would the new price be?

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You can set any price of newly issued token. It does not reflect its actual cost anyway (actual cost is zero unless token is backed by some useful project)

Here Market cap = Price * Total supply

No, until someone buys.

Circulating supply = Total supply - Issuer supply

Total supply will be 100, circulating supply 0.

Circulating supply: the number of tokens that are publicly available and circulating in the market.
Total supply: the number of tokens in existence, i.e., the number of tokens that were already issued minus the coins that were burned.
Max supply: the maximum amount of tokens that will ever exist, including the tokens that will be made available in the future, i.e., in the case of a reissuable asset.

Price = 1 USD
Market cap = 100 USD