Privacy on Waves

Since Waves uses accounts model instead of UTXO, it has even less privacy than Bitcoin. Is there a way to keep the privacy of one’s transactions?
As a business, I don’t want my competitors to see who I am transacting with. And even as an individual I am not comfortable exposing to the public how much money I have, since this makes me a potential target for all sorts of attacks, starting from hacking, phishing to $5-dollar wrench attack.
Is there a solution to keep transaction private, existing or in the road map, or even theoretically possible? Coinjoin smart contracts? Lightning network?
As far as I understand Waves client is not an HD wallet, which means if I want to create several accounts (to keep some privacy, though it is a very primitive solution), I need to have different SEED prases for each of them, am I right?

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There is no names on accounts and you can use exchanges as private proxies to make a mess.

But you are right, there is no privacy embedded on the blockchain level, everyone sees all.

Any plans to rectify the lack of privacy? DEX doesnt obfuscate anything, all transactions are public and seen on the ledger.
Is there a second layer solution on the road map? Its gonna be hard to convince any business to keep all transactions public.