Problem with a transaction

Hi all,

I am using Octanox (OTX) official wallet ( . The address of this wallet is: 3PB9rHSn17dCjBqFbD2qR3L7gWH2SGCooRN

I bought OTX tokens on Hitbtc and sent to this wallet in December. This is the confirmation of the tokens are sent:
At the same day, I checked and my wallet recieved these tokens.

But, last week, I was checed my wallet and, now, my balance is zero.

I don’t understand what my issue is. From what I see my tokens never left my wallet. I contacted Octanox Team and they don’t know what is happen.

On the blockexplorer we can see that my tokens have not left the wallet.

Anyone can help me?


Hello Henrique,

Did you import your wallet again/ type in your seed? Pretty often, the mistake happens during reentering the seed as a small mistake can change the address.

Checking your address in the blockexplorer, I can see that the tokens are still there and didnt move since 11.12.2018

Hello Kim,

Thanks for your message.

I didn’t use the wallet again since the transaction.

I only checked the wallet (using the website last week and discovered this problem.

Do you have your 12 words seed? If yes, you can try to import it into the official waves wallet available here:

No, that wallet don’t have 12 words seed.

How do you access the wallet, just with username and password? Can you access it from a different device?

I use username, password and 2FA.

I always use the same device.

Is possible transfer the tokens and don’t registre in the blockexplorer?