Progress report of the AntomCoin project, very good news. 27/11/2018

Excellent news from the AntomCoin team to all users, but before as CEO of the project I invite you to read a little about it if you do not know what it is about, it is in the “projects” section with the name of AntomCoin, the university cryptocurrency.

I begin this small report clarifying that there have been many advances as a project we have had in comparison to projects born in previous times and close to it, this is a great help to give the community a backup and confidence to support the project.

1. "AntomCoin has made its first 50 transactions intelligently."

Yes, the AntomCoin team in the past few days gave the intelligent multicast open source protocol, thanks to this, it was possible to send 50 ANC intelligently without the need for a bot or human to order it, modulating their behavior in a 80%.

Remember that one of the main principles of cryptocurrencies is to be decentralized assets, with this algorithm AntomCoin increases its decentralization by 25% more than any other token, sending orders every 2 minutes ensure the distribution of the same.

We expect that for the months of January and February the transactions will be greater than 1,000.0000 every 10 minutes of assets of AntomCoin.

2. Cancellation of own and third party assets in BlockChain more economical and fast.

This has been another great advance, we are talking about more economic commissions than other crypts, with AntomCoin you can send, receive, buy and sell other assets in a cheaper and faster way.

With this sponsorship, users can move their assets from one wallet to another, buy services, sell service and even create their own market in their community.

the collection fee per transaction in ANC from: 0.01 ANC

3. APIS of payments for purchases and sales.

If, as you read it, AntomCoin already has a test payment API so that companies and businesses can make use of it by testing it, normal users can also try it, you can search it in our official blog in the section of APIS.

I must mention that during the current distribution, all investors and people who want an API designed to receive AntomCoins can obtain it for free, you just have to tell us.

4. Multilanguage in the official blog.

At this moment, the AntomCoin team is working on a multilanguage platform in which speakers of Chinese, German, Russian, English and Korean benefit, it should be noted that currently our official blog is only available in Spanish Venezuela, but With this contribution, internationalization will be broader .

5. AntCashXR- 01 AntomCoins ATM.

AntCashXR- 01 AntomCoins ATM, this is a project currently being developed, it is an ATM for the exchange of assets by AntomCoins, the team’s software is currently 38% completed, we hope it is available before April 2019.

We plan to issue a total of 5 units in the city of Barquisimeto Venezuela in the trial period and thus measure usability. For the other countries we will soon have more news.

This equipment will be able to do the following operations: deposit physical assets by AntonCoins, withdraw AntomCoins for physical assets, buy ANC, transfer ANC and issue smart consumer smart cards.

6. AntPointZX-10 smart electronic point of sale for AntomCoin(AntCard).

This is another device currently in development, it is a point of sale for physical cards, with this users can use AntomCoins without the need to have a smart device nearby, you can go to the park forget your phone and take your AntCard out of your pocket and charge an ice cream.

This team we hope to start its test modules for February 2019.

7. Update of the official AntomCoin blog

Not only we focus on improving the language, but also all the tools available for the use and maximum benefit of the AntomCoin, for this reason every day we update our blog and to give more confidence to the project, one of the most important actulizations are the sections “APIS” “Markets” where the users can interact both in the exchanges and in the payment systems.

you can see these and more updates yourself, search Google “AntomCoin” in first result is us.

8. Application for Android devices, AntomCoin Wallet V1.2

Personally, as CEO of the project, I consider that this is the best of all the advances we have had as a group of objectives. AntomCoin already has an application that groups the main tools to make the most of our project. This application is in our official blog and can perform different operations within which they are characterized:

1. Direct access to the official blog and news portal of the AntomCoin Project.
2. Direct access to the WAVES platform.
3. Access to the exchange markets with AntomCoins.
4. Access to all APIs and distribution points of AntomCoin equipment.
5. access to the complete user manual for the implementation and use of AntomCoin technology.
6. Access to the complete White Paper of the project.

I must add that these are some of the many tools and options that the App is going to offer us, now Tecnologies Antom Global Corporacion is developing the application for iOS devices, we hope for quick news.

I am really happy to give this news to you as a community, I hope that this report will give a little more strength to the project and that you as a community will help us to continue promoting it, we create the tools and you use them.

soon I will bring you more details about the project, if you are interested in participating, do not hesitate to leave your wallet dirrecion or prepare your investment. Here until the smallest account.

Joseph Antom R. - CEO AntomCoin

Noviembre 2018