Progression token intelligent


Progression, an intelligent project that aims to revolutionize the token market, with a significant increase each day and orders limited to one hour, so that all participants in Airdrop can negotiate their progress. come and be part of this smart project. Smart control asset data:
Airdrop for 70,000 customers, If you have not received your message yet, send us your wallet and participate in the Unico token token already mentioned in 1 exchange.

Asset ID: 6GQkwHGyd769EghKQ6qXhAHG55JyaFjK7VGWEKSSg4Z8
Name: Progression


“Progression” innovative token intelligent design that is limited to valuing 0.0001 of waves per day, orders are limited to 60 minutes to stimulate daily progression. so before trading your progression choose the order time for 1 hour.

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new market pairs for Progression: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Digibyte, Cdex and Verge, attention only on the platform.

Hi can you add my tokens to your exchange?

you have prices, just looking but have to sell some tokens first before affording to expand.

your tokens will be welcome in our exchange, just fill in the request at thanks for your contact.

thanks, was looking, today sent a few tokens out for free .05 to 100 wallets to see if this method might pick up some sales to get the add to the exchange, we’ll see.just trying all kinds of methods now getting my act together a bit more.

You have the option to list via vote, you list and go voting or tell your community to vote. Each vote costs 0.2 waves, and it takes 350 votes to be listed by 2 market pairs. if you prefer, fill in your request. thank you luxtrade team

i’ll just wait a bit longer. i’ll have the solution soon.

Hi, can I sell the $PROG somewhere or the project is down?

hello, you can open sales orders in our exchange we have 8 market pairs per progression (prog).