[Promo #1] FunSpaceLab - Get a WAVES t-shirt

Take part in the draw and get the opportunity to win a waves t-shirt

  1. The community votes on the amount of the contribution to participate in the draw.
  2. The organizer calculates the arithmetic mean of the voting results.
  3. Participants acquire the PFSL token in the amount calculated from paragraph “2”.
  4. The organizer with the help of randomizer determines the winner of the draw.

Format of the draw

  1. The community votes for the amount of the contribution using the wavesplatform blockchain.

Detailed instructions http://static.funspacelab.ru.

  1. The arithmetic mean is calculated.

  2. Participants acquire the PFSL token in the amount calculated from paragraph “2”. The acquisition lasts until 1822750 block.

  3. The organizer determines the winner from the list of participants using a randomizer https://forklog.com/random with proof of honesty on the wavesplatform blockchain.

  4. If you are not the winner of the raffle, you can join the taxi FunSpaceLab crowdsale campaign. Taxi FunSpaceLab.
    To do this you need to send the PFSL token to 3PJdHy5CfZsT5zZPfQJEezLgojAw5StJEDa via https://client.wavesplatform.com.
    In response, a one-to-one fslt token will be sent.
    Only in this case, the rally can be called true win.

Corrected the upper limit of the range: from 0.1 (0.14 EUR) to 1 (1.4 EUR)

Good news.

Now, voting is very simple. To vote, use https://waves-dapp.com.

The guys from wavesplatform pulled the automatically generated user interface from dApp meta-information.
You must first install Waves Keeper https://wavesplatform.com/technology/keeper

The voting for the amount of the contribution has been completed.
At the https://dex.wavesplatform.com/ exchange, get 0.4 PFSL and participate in the WAVES T-shirt.
Participants acquire a token up to 1822750 block (~ 6 days).