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Hello in the mind and the one who felt that something was wrong, probably everyone remembers about the inheritance? and many had the feeling that someone was watching you? There are millions of reasons and explanations for this. I will begin with many realizations and understandings: in this world everything is possible, in this era we have come under the influence of the quantum system, let it be quantum mechanics, and we really are the universe that watches itself, evidence of your creation in all its manifestations, describe this world infinitely many times, and you will always be right. At this stage, everyone sees his psinetic in his own way; many shout into the throat of this sect; The perception of this world is a quantum matrix. Psynetics are super-players of this world who have experienced the rebirth of samsara many times and are close to becoming gods! Psynetics is everything and everything, they have no framework in the realization that they can be anyone, anytime!
Psinetika … the development of one’s own nature and the nature of the universe, with the help of techniques, conscious developments, certain and not certain practices … Co-construction of constructive metalogical bases! And their development …
Psinetic is a synonym for psychic, that is, it is a person with extraordinary abilities, usually considered abnormal and abnormal.

Varieties of “psinetics”:

An oracle, clairvoyant, predictor of the future - usually the main thrust of such people is the prediction of the future, namely the occurrence of an event, or the loss of a particular number, also have the ability to transfer consciousness to a distance or else it can be called far-sighted.

A telepath is a person who has the ability to transmit thoughts over a distance, as well as to carry out “mental attacks”.

Healer or Healer is a person who is able to heal his and others wounds in less time than an ordinary person who does not possess such abilities.

Psychometric - a person predicting events that are associated with a particular object or place.

Tetrametrics - a person who has the ability to “manage” the behavior of other people.

Telekinetic - a person with the ability of telekinesis, that is, the movement of objects by force of thought.
We prepare students and teachers. We pay them crypto tokens of psynetics. We do not need financial assistance.
The goal of the project is to save the Milky Way
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Dreams and signs… how do they affect our lives?

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