PyWaves Assets list update time

Hello, im creating the topic after have been invited to from the admins on the telegram and discord chats.
It is possible to know how fast the dev.pywaves asset addresses list can be updated?
From the activation protocol is mentioned the amount of blocks etc, but there is actually a possibility to know why for example the list of a specific token isnt updated from almost 9 days? Even tho, there have been new transactions each day from the 20 till today of the asset. For the activities i am making related to certain assets, knowning all the addresses that are owning them is very very important, and is actually a time sensitive type of service i have to provide based on that, if anyone can please make me more aware about this, it will be very much appreciated! thanks a lot in advance!

You could see asset distribution with api:{put here asset id}/distribution/{put here current block}/limit/100

or if it’s so complicate go to the Site

distribution on you could see like on pywaves:{asset_id} Then you need to click section “Distribution”. Plus you will find there useful sections “Orderbook” and “Info” :sunglasses:

ps. h2ox updates details every 5 min

this is the address where you can always get data for all tokens