Question about spam classification [SOLVED]


Today we did some airdrops of small amounts of our token called XBBT (asset id 882VjGQB5mnaF8ydzNvFdHiqB7i2Bej1wG3B1fBweMAy), for the payment of our bounty campaign and another part to stimulate its use, and we are thinking that the system considered the token as spam.

Our project is developed according to our whitepaper on the official website ( and we would not like our token to be considered spam, since our project has well defined goals, as opposed to spam tokens that appear frequently.

How can we check if our token was considered spam? And how can we make it not spam if it has been classified like that?

We want to continue with our project and would like some help to solve this. Thank you.

Note: We did the SAME question in the telegram group and were banned. We apologize if we violate any rule.