Question WavesNode

Hi, here I am new but I have been following waves for over a year and the cryptocurrency world for about 3 years.
In my opinion, Waves has the potential that the cryptocommunity still does not see.
In my own way, I invest in it.
For now I’m interested in opening a private WavesNode.
Better pc and internet at home?
Better with Digital Ocean?
Better windows or ubuntu?

From now I thank you for your eventual support.

A node needs to be 24/7 online and this it is best to buy a vps in a datacenter.
The vps hoster doesn’t matter to much, as long as it is up 24/7.
Windows or ubuntu both work, but in general people pick ubuntu. But the server is just a java jar to run soo.

Currently I’m trying to install the test on my second PC, to study and learn, I must say that with os windows is hell.
It seemed easier that I tried months ago with ubuntu.