Rate Limit? What is best way to check wallet balances?

Hello, right now we only have a thousand players on LaserChain, but if we get 10,000 or 100,000 how will we know when people deposit laserchain to their wallet?

Right now we spam the node asking every 1.5 seconds about balance details. Will we get rate limit banned?

1.5 seconds * 100,000 is an obscene amount of time…yea we could shard the requests across multiple servers but 99% of the wallets will be empty 99% of the time, so this is so wasteful. Are there any other ways to check for new deposits? I guess I could also scan the new blocks coming in and see if any of the addresses are in the list?

Any idea how to do this?


Just use GET /assets/{assetId}/distribution: https://nodes.wavesnodes.com/assets/5PMU7vKus3Bs1iF8bKXqtxUXKzXnYk8d3VTy97eMBUjB/distribution


Thank you so much !!!