Reading the amount of tokens on an address via API

Hi everyone!

I was looking for a way to automatically read the amount of tokens (not Waves coins) stored on a particular address and add a certain percentage of that token if the tokens on the address have reached a certain amount.

Is there a way to do that automatically with a PHP/Javascript script via API? What if there are multiple token addresses?

Thank you!

  1. There is!/assets/balance_1 to get the balance by specific asset, for example:

  "address": "3P4VysS47zNuxAPHqABuMM1RZEpW6evxAiV",
  "assetId": "3taHxaAB5oPdkY4geikcFGd4m4wisBPukSnD8V5Nz7LF",
  "balance": 100000000

To get the balance for multiple addresses see:
2. To distribute assets to multiple addresses, use, example of JSON:

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