Real Avatars

Is there any thought being given to being able to choose an avatar for a wallet that is more like a cartoon character or something more recognizable than the avatars currently available?

There could also develop a market to sell avatars.

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Interesting suggestion! As for me, I don’t really care about putting extra money to avatar or whatever. But there might be others who are interested. Maybe, it is possible to make a poll or something

And avatars are you exactly talking about? Sorry, I’m just new in here :grin:

You get an avatar like the one I attach when you create a wallet - how about better ones? Like cartoons etcimage

Good idea. It could be nice, even if it isn’t strictly necessary.

Personally, I don’t feel the need to pay for something that I can only see myself. I think that there could be a market only if you can show your avatar to others.

Yeah well maybe that feature comes in the future as well - like your avatar is somehow like a QR code - you can copy and paste it like a png and people can scan it or click on it to send tokens