RECCOIN ICO - Smarter recycling


RecCoin is a Waves Platform token that pays you a free daily bonus in Waves cryptocurrency for life. Daily bonus payout is based on the number of RecCoins you hold. You can check RecCoin asset distribution report here.

Unlike the rest of the ICOs, who are only launching their project, RecCoin already have a profitable business by doing smarter recycling. Smarter recycling is their main source of income and allows them to generate a large profit while reducing overall waste. They buy items in bulk just prior to their disposal and remove any functioning parts before recycling the rest.Then these parts are sold on Ebay, Amozon or similar. They call this In Real Life Mining (IRL Mining) and it make good money.

RecCoin offers an IRL Mining Contracts. When you purchase an IRL mining contract you are investing in real, valuable inventory that they acquire using the smarter recycling. They process, research, list, sell, ship these items on your behalf and send you profit in cryptocurrency of choice or even PayPal. You are able to watch the items that get sold on your behalf in real time on Ebay (their Ebay account:

They do not sell RecCoins directly. During this ICO / crowdsale you will receive free RecCoins for each IRL mining contract that is purchased. Currently they has the highest Return on Investment of all crypto projects! Each IRL Mining contract will earn at least double of your investment in 4-6 months. You will receive a daily bonus payout for life for every RecCoin you hold in addition to the money you earn with IRL mining.

Their business is currently profitable and they have been distributing free daily bonus payouts since February 27, 2018 (Yes, it is true, since Feb 27 there has been a payout for every single day!). All bonus funds come from actual, verifiable income.

Please visit to learn more and to choose the IRL mining contract that’s right for you.

Rewards you get from RecCoin are really high!

WEBSITE: Crypto Business



EMAIL: [email protected]


Do your own research, before investing in any project!

In order to attract serious investors I suggest to not use titles like “enormous return on investment” as this makes your project look scammy, just a heads-up.


recycling is a good profitable business tokenizing the income is smart. I will keep watch of this, I am always looking for strong cryptos as there is so few this year

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OP the price of RECCOIN has collapsed 80%+ in waves value in 3 months, what is the reason for this? Not just in USD but both in waves price and even more loss in USD due to waves crashing too, can you explain?

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Basically the mining contract bonus or rewards likewise delay of the daily waves bonus is the major fall in price inclusively FOMO I think also increase in waves also contributed to it. But currently the price is quite moving up while waves coming down. Hopefully we see 0.001 for one reccoin soon

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