recreate a token for 100 waves if there was no tick

Now the cost of creating tokens is 1 vaves and also the reissue of the token costs 1 wave. But this does not allow you to re-issue tokens to those who did not tick, actually I suggest in such cases to give the chance to recreate a token for 100 waves if there was no tick, how do you like this option?

Sounds strange, why do we need this? :slight_smile:

Why strange? This is a function for those who made a mistake when creating an asetta and now can not make an issue. To make such an opportunity to emit for 100-5000 waves at your discretion, but the more those are better, if the project is good then that sum of waves will be punished.

That would be bad, really bad actually that’s what banks do when they run out of paper, they print it!
Now, if I invested in a project because of the limited supply (like BTC for example) I wouldn’t want new bitcoins to be created, because that will lower the value of my coins. Same apply for WAVES, we invested because of the limited supply, you can’t just change the rules in the middle of the game.

Well this is just an offer, if a normal project, then it will not ruin a coin.

Then create it with the reissuable flag. It’s there for a reason

Yes it is one-time, not many times to create! and 1 time to fix the situation, make a limit on the release, in terms of quantity, do not endlessly create tokens, that’s how it always makes the unnecessary useful for something useful.

This is a function for those who incorrectly created the number of their tokens, but not as not for permanent emissions.

Totally unfair anyways, they should have thought earlier before creating it or create a second token

Injustice is just the constant issue of scam projects!!! If you create a second token, then where to first? And what do customers do with the first? If you do not understand what is at stake, refrain from the answers.

If you created a non reissuable token and you sell it, and then decide to add more supply would equal to scam people, do you realize that?

I have not sold it to anyone yet.

I created the wrong amount, I would like to recreate it and not release another 1 token, and so there is enough spam, there are a lot of tokens already, why create something that is unnecessary, I’m ready to pay 5000 waves but so that’s what I need !!!

Let even 10,000 waves it will cost - this is a project in which many forces are invested and there is no one nebylaeshche sold any coin! I suggested that it is quite realistic to have such a function, and the main thing is to make it as expensive as possible in order to avoid cheating customers.

So I don’t really see the problem in creating another one with the same name for 1 waves Vs pay 5000 waves to reissue a non reissuable asset.

There is no point in the option to make a token non-issuable if it’s still re-issuable.

100% agree with you.

I don’t understand why you need a bigger amount.

You can also create an asset with only 1,000 tokens. Theoretically if people want your token, the price goes up and they will buy a lower amount. Instead of buying 1 of your tokens they will buy i.e. 0,1. So increasing the amount is not necessary. It is convenient just for who are issuing and decreases the value of circulating tokens, so it is not convenient for investors. That’s why people prefer assets with a not re-issuable token.

As far as I know my marker:

  1. assigned id.
  2. Such a marker can not be created anymore !!! ( You can create at least 100 asets with this name, but they will be different.)
  3. It’s not about the standard function of creating many asets or emissions and changing the error in their number and only once for those who do not have an issue because it is unplanned and it will not.
  4. And of course we are talking about those assets that are unsold !!!

You seem to not want to hear me, talk about standard functions. I’m talking about which there is no one and only for those who are only beginning their implementation on your platform.

I use translators to explain to you what exactly is lacking, but apparently it’s bad for those who created their projects before, but it’s not about them, they understood what you do not need to explain, but if you see problems from it, I will not object to it.

Tell me can you change the number of tokens? By adding a certain number of tokens to the blocking operation (+), and credited to my wallet from which the aset was created? Can you do this for me?