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payment are just small in promoting you waves project, creating articles, rewetting and others. as low as 10 RedfishCoin per task!

Redfishcoin, Community Token
Have you seen the potential of Redfishcoin now?
If not, I think you should and check them now!
It is good for you to join now and hold your shares!

Redfishcoin moves up slowly but surely

Last January, Redfish was just 0.05 waves/redfish
Now, its 0.12 waves/redfish

If you hold since 2017 with minimum of 100 redfishcoin, earning monthly shares, I think you already grow your porfolio!

Look at the Market Depth

Indeed, this coin is undervalued, With current price of $0.28 at wavesDEX but this is good for you to hold minimum 100 coins. Very affordable of $28 only!

Check WavesDEX for REDFISH/WAVES pair!

Redfishcoin Monthly Revenue!

Benefits: Redfishcoin Earnings!

-hold minimum of 100 Redfish to earn 3% monthly Shares
-hold minimum of 500 Redfish to earn 5% monthly Shares
-Hold minimum of 1000 Redfish to earn 7-10% monthly Shares

There were 1 Million Max Supply only! When will you come and join the Redfish Stockholders!

Active and continue giving since 2017!

With buy Back Program for coin stability
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Hey Redfish,
I’d appreciate it if you could just create one topic and put all these kind of posts into it.


thanks, I will do.,

Congrats on youre Coin. Good luck I hope you do great in the future.
Ill make sure to pair up my Coin with Redfishcoin and wait for it to grow.

if anyone will like to see my project

Good work, go redfish get us some good stuff and more tokens hehe…

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Redfish Stockholders will Receive 3%-10% monthly shares plus awesome coins!

Be one of us, we continue to give since 2017!


Compare this orderbook above. Indeed we grow slowly up!
Redfishcoin has 1Million Max only

o if I invest 10 Redfish how much wold I make?

Redfishcoin Earnings!

hold minimum of 100 Redfish to earn 3% monthly Shares
hold minimum of 500 Redfish to earn 5% monthly Shares
Hold minimum of 1000 Redfish to earn 7-10% monthly Shares

Receive every 25th of the month plus Awesome rewards tokens!

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Redfishcoin to the moon?

Better be one of the Redfish Stockholders!
Earning 3%-10% Monthly shares!

A Bull is set! Don’t get left behind!

  • Check the current Redfish BUY Orders!


Redfish to the moon?


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Redfish today’s Value!

Earning Monthly Shares!

Redfish/Waves Pair updates


  • Compared before, we are growing!
    We welcome new Stockholders
    Buy and Hold 100 Redfish
    The answer for Holding a coin w/out returns!

Maybe someone is interested in ForFun/Redfish market:

ForFun/Redfish market

visit HERE

  • Be a stockholder and earn monthly revenue!

We can help you Forfuncoin in awareness in your coin once you become a stockholder,

Visit HuastecaMX/Redfish pair

  • We welcome New Stockholders/Earning Monthly Shares!

We will include you in our daily promotion once you become a Stockholders
Visit also Waves world as Redfishcoin collaborate to their Leasing Program!

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lI am optimistic about Redfishcoin!
Create Aiodex account and vote with me!

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comment your waves address at AIODEX
OPTIONAL: Donate 1000 GEEK to Redfishcoin?


Price of 100 Redfishcoin is too high for many people. Why not 10 Redfishcoin hold for 1%


It may appear too high for now, but back then, Redfish was just 0.03 waves each, and somewhere cost $0.18 each as I can recall, knowing there is only 1Million Max supply.

For the moment, this is what Redfish has to offer, 3% to 10% monthly shares to minimum 100coins holders

I don’t think about 10 for 1% is good for monthly shares,