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Prepared by: @netscape101

Be a stockholder of Redfish!
Join the second aordrop
Earns monthly shares!

Buy Now while it is still cheap for 1 Million max Supply at $0.33 now!

Be sure to HOLD 100 Redfish Until its Payout Date

Hello Redfish Holders

I am addressing this to you, to those who hold minimum 100 redfishcoin. Be sure to hold 100 coins minimum until 25th of the month! Or else you won’t receive your monthly shares.

Indeed you are in control of your coin, you did buy it low and you can sell it higher but in return, you can’t buy back at low price.


  • because nobody will sell at lower price.

  • Look at the current Market orders

It gradually moving forward
So if you want to hold and aim for monthly rewards, be still!
Do not sold your holdings
or you will never take the chance of getting Royalty Rewards!

Wait Patiently on 25th of the month(Payout Date)

Whats the source of the shares? I`m just wondering how this works. What is the point of this token? How is revenue generated?

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Redfishcoin is a token of Steemit Redfish Community. Visit how it works in earning while learning how to blog. Redfish is the steemit rank for new steemit users!

In steemit, we earn in blogging, sharing thoughts, ideas etc.

Redfishcoin is the Backbone of Redfish Community for Redfish Rank in Steemit. Redfishcoin Dignify and unify all New Steemit Users. Creating little Community connect to bigger groups and Linking every users. Helping Fellow Steemit Redfish Rank and Empowering tru Our Very Own Token.

All of Steemit earnings generated in an account was used in buy back of redfishcoin in the market, giving shares to the holders, help the stability of coin value in terms of waves pair!

it is simple as an awareness of the existence of redfish community and steemit that they can earn free by blogging, joining steemit contest, following and interacting fellow users and many more…

as of the Moment, redfish value grow in Waves pair since January 2018/August2018 record

  • We welcome new Redfishcoin Stockholders/Earning monthly Shares

Thanks for your query. . .

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Get REDFISHCOIN afterVoting and posting your TX hash!

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We are ready for another Payout

10/25/2018 the next payout date
Redfish Stockholders will receive 3%-10% Monthly Steemit Share Plus BONUS!

  • *Royalty Rewards Token
    Other Token for Awareness given FREE

Now, you receive more! and we continue to give more!

Hello I’m newbie here please guide me how to earn free redfish coin thank you…

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October 25, 2018 Monthly Shares Report

All Redfish stockholders has been paid its Shares
also, they receive Royalty Rewards tokens and Bonus token

Take a full read below.

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Redfishcoin was on top #28

also with current value 0f $0.30