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Please create your own post according to your understanding about Redfishcoin

Please create your own post according to your understanding about Redfishcoin


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We are ready for another Payout

10/25/2018 the next payout date
Redfish Stockholders will receive 3%-10% Monthly Steemit Share Plus BONUS!

  • *Royalty Rewards Token
    Other Token for Awareness given FREE

Now, you receive more! and we continue to give more!

Hello I’m newbie here please guide me how to earn free redfish coin thank you…

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October 25, 2018 Monthly Shares Report

All Redfish stockholders has been paid its Shares
also, they receive Royalty Rewards tokens and Bonus token

Take a full read below.

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Redfishcoin was on top #28

also with current value 0f $0.30


Get Redfishcoin By doing Sharing

Read full details here

Redfish Promotion

Get 1 Redfish by Buying 10 Redfishcoin at Steemit!

On Facebook you offer to like, repost and comment one of your post for 0.1 Redfish. There is now 2 times i comment with my address and you delete my post. Why?

I take a capture from the second post with my address:

I comment because the post are disappeared:

Did you share the post? To qualify?

Tyrian Kelda a partagé une publication = Tyrian Kelda share a post

We Welcome New Redfish Stockholders

  • Current Redfish Value
    0.19 Waves/Redfish
    0.000055 BTC/Redfish
    0.35 USD/Redfish

Thanks for being with us!
Just Hold 100 minimum coins and receive %%% Every 25th of the month

Redfishcoin, Earning While Holding! Since 2017.

That Post ask to share on facebook, once it cannot be verify to their timeline, you can’t receive any coin. It is very easy to share in your fb and can be verify in a moment! If it was deleted, the shared filed cannot be located in your timeline.


Redfish Sent
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Redfishcoin Market Depth

Let’s Trade Redfishcoin soon on Nanu.Exchange
Lets vote for Redfish
Share awareness
And Earn Monthly Shares Since 2017 in Giving!
image image


Redfishcoin giving simple task for Awareness
Go to Redfishcoin FB Page HERE

  • Share the Post
  • Comment your Address to Get REDFSIH

Please Note, If Shared Post cannot be located, you won’t get the coin.


Angry Panda Shop

Added to the shop:

  • Redfishcoin token, for visibility purposes (it is not available for sale)

Angry Panda

Redfishcoin tokens – Order on Angry Panda Shop and pay through Waves Client

Order Redfishcoin tokens on Angry Panda Shop and pay through Waves Client. Check always Angry Panda shop for any discounted prices and coupons.

Vote for Redfishcoin at coinfalcon

go to COINFALCON, and cast VOTE and comment Address
And get $0.5REDFISH


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