Registering in US and elsewhere

Coinbase is the go to exchange for US citizens and banks since it is registered and allows free deposit via ACH from bank to exchange. If we WAVES could expand to offer more direct connections in US, Indonesia, and other places it would be a huge surge to WAVES.

Our ICO is specifically seeking ways to allow users to directly deposit fiat to our token and back again. As close as we can get to allowing users to link banks / paypal directly in their Wallet profile then we will be able to do all of this.

Have you ever read the user agreement with paypal?

As far as I know cryptocurrencies are there completly excluded.

They had a partnership with Coinbase for awhile then stopped. May have been due to this but means they may also reverse with a rise in solid projects like WAVES. I assume they did it in the past due to risk for their users with the down turn in January and many scam projects but solid projects could apply to their business development team for exceptions or reversal. WAVES is a top project in the industry.