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We will be unleashing a suite of products with a goal of laying the foundation for Industry 3.0

A relay network is a broad class of network topology commonly used in wireless networks, where the source and destination are interconnected by means of some nodes. In such a network, the source and destination cannot communicate to each other directly because the distance between the source and destination is greater than the transmission range of both, hence the need for intermediate node(s) to relay.

With RELAY, AdvancedTDS aims to offer solutions in the manufacturing industry.

What are some of the problems facing the manufacturing industry today?

No single technology can solve all of these issues, but blockchain offers features which can and will make them more manageable.

Blockchain utilizes distributed ledger technology, and it can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection to send or receive data anywhere in the world. Once information is on the chain, it cannot be manipulated or destroyed. Encryption is used so this data remains secure until someone is granted access to it by means of a key or specific token. In this case, that token is RELAY.

How can RELAY be used in the manufacturing industry?

-Secure communication
-Secure document transfer
-Supply chain verification and tracking
-Critical data records
-Maintenance Reports
-IoT networking
-Payments and invoices
-Direct-to-consumer applications

By building a RELAY network, all of these tasks can be kept on the same database and enabled to interact with each other.

Rapid Prototyping / 3D Printing

An emerging technology in manufacturing is Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing. Everyday, new forms of this technology take shape and are becoming commonplace among manufacturers.

3D printing technology is becoming more advanced by the day. Materials such as plastics, liquids, metal powders, and carbon nanotubes are utilized. Scientists have even experimented with 3D printing live human tissue.

This is a huge step in manufacturing and through the use of RELAY, AdvancedTDS plans to develop a direct-to-consumer application of this technology.

By offering a graphical interface similar to an online marketplace, model designers or general consumers may interact with 3D printing manufacturers all over the world.

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>>RELAY is the 1st technology offering provided by AdvancedTDS<<

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