Reporting an issue

To Waves Technical Support:

I had a huge problem that I believe will be the demise of the entire Waves system. As of today November 26, 2018 I started noticing my Waves wallet’s portfolio being depleted. I found out who it was, but not sure if you would be able to get all my tokens back from the suspect that did that. The suspect in question can be found here at this link You can trace all actions from my waves wallet address 3PLq1XJ3hZn3djS7oSxHEiQwjb98dtNXbmo
It seems to occurred with the Waves weakness of allowing airdrop of tokens into wallet without consent. The major token that seem to be the problem is profitbot. And the suspect or suspects know that once the token go in wallet they will drain all of waves there in wallet and until they have stolen all of the tokens and then maybe leave or incubate there until the unbeknowing account holder keeps transacting in the Waves wallet without being able to do anything about it. Just in case, I was expecting to receive ETH in my waves wallet, but because of this incidence, I don’t see that happening unless you can recoup them for me as well, with the other tokens this individual stole. As of now, I don’t plan to use anything to do with Waves anymore. I think Waves platform is very flawed and compromised. Can you suspend my account until or of this can be fixed or what? Or would I even get a new wallet address? There are serious issues with waves allowing tokens to be dropped without permission.


Alan Jarrin

hello there,

Airdrops in Waves are well known without consent, perhaps the blockchain is open and anybody can get any address and send token since creating token in waves is very cheap.

taking any waves to your wallet is impossible by sending any token to your wallet unless your secret key is compromised,

for fast assistance, write an email to support

Redfish is absolutely right, it is impossible to transfer tokens from your wallet without your seed phrase or private key. Problably you have entered your seed on some suspicious website?
As I can see, you wallet still got WAVES on balance, only 3 tokens were sent from your wallet.
If you suspect your secret phrase to be compromised we recommend you to install Waves Keeper extenstion for Chrome (other browsers extensions are coming soon), create a new wallet and transfer all assets into it.

It is impossible to snitch secret phrase stored in Waves Client, Waves Desktop Client or Waves Keeper. To prove it our products code is always opensourced ( you can find it here for any project).


By using the Waves Keeper it further eliminates your right to hold Waves responsible if your wallet is compromised. Yes, it will provide some protection, but the same thing can happen! If you look at the current waves price value it is trading at .98 usd, so yes incidents like these deteriorate the value of any company! Also you don’t know that I had 190 million Bulllrun coins in which this happened and incurred a loss! So, still unless Waves can recoup all my losses, Waves is very flawed.