(resolved) TRY market data candle adress is WTRY instead of TRY (for api)

i am trying to activate the CPRO/TRY market data candles with simulated test trades, but its not starting like it did for waves,usd and eur.

is there something wrong with TRY?

its this pairing https://marketdata.wavesplatform.com/api/candles/9s7wctcp4ARJdR4MVL1W5FG9bXNqjS3PGxq7E9K4hKrE/TRY/60/24

issue has been solved

the activeded pairing was https://marketdata.wavesplatform.com/api/candles/9s7wctcp4ARJdR4MVL1W5FG9bXNqjS3PGxq7E9K4hKrE/WTRY/60/24

WTRY instead of TRY

this was an irregularity as the adresses for USD and EUR didnt contained a WUSD or WEUR

topic is not needed anymore pls delete

In fact you are right about it but we choose it as WTRY. USD and EUR gateways are controlled by Coinomat team and WTRY is controlled by us (digilira). For example if we decide to start USD gateway then it can be WUSD gateway. It’s like Tether and TUSD (TrueUSD). Different companies using different names.

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Why are you asking to delete it? This topic could still be useful for someone else. :slightly_smiling_face:

we can also keep it, i dont mind. was an irregularity when working with the apis of the waves backed communal currencies

one more important thing

the verified asset ID of WTRY the currently backed TRY is


and in waves dex it is not called WTRY its called TRY

correct me if i am wrong.