Reveal smart contract order requirements

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I want to reveal the required variable settings that are accepted to place an order for a smart asset trade. Is there a api request I can do for an asset or is it possible to decompile a smart contract and reveal the constant values that are set.

I have created a wallet reporting tool which filters the assets you want to see that reside in your wallet. If I find a smart asset, I want to print the requirements to trade the asset, like the min. value to use or the expiration date to be used etc.

For the surge token, there was a requirement to put the expiration date for an order on 24 hours. So, how can I reveal this constraint from the smart contract?

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Hello. You can use this template to read the script (rules):{AssetID}?full=true
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Hi boxyan,

That is really good info. Thanks

Ps. Here’s the wallet reporter:
Waves wallet reporter

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