RIDE course

Hi everyone!
I’m interested in learning RIDE - docs site is my best friend, but it’s not enough, especially for something relatively new. Even your official videos (2) on youtube has not so many viewers. Does waves have any plans in this area?

I’m a youtuber / facebook streamer and today I did 1h live-coding program in polish about Waves, but it’s only an introduction - next week I’d like to show more with RIDE. How can you help me? :slight_smile:

btw - I have expierience with Solidity and Waves rocks! :heart_eyes:


Hi Bartek!

Do you have a plan for next stream/streams? What would you like to show and who is your target audience?

P.S. Could you share a link to the stream?

Pleasure to meet you Inal! I watched / read all your materials about waves :wink: Good job! Here’s a link to my stream. Mostly I have views during week. In next week I want tell more about RIDE itself (last live was about waves client / waves keeper / faucet / waves node api and bit about RIDE).

I thought about something like that:

  • we create data oracle where everyday I’m sending data about ‘lucky number’ lottery,
  • next, we create another (smart) account - and nobody can use this account to withdraw funds unless ‘lucky number’ equals let’s say 5,

I can extend it very easily - for example we can add some ranges, additional conditions that you can’t withdraw waves but you can use tokens etc.

Of course I can show example with an elephant but it’d be better to show something new :slight_smile:

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