Сryptographic quest game

Crux - is unusual cryptographic quest game, which has plenty of levels. The main sense of the game is search of the password of next tasks. The game was created specially for the persons, who fond of solving difficult puzzles and finding nonstandard logical solutions. It is expected, that persons, who have high IQ level and creative thinking will be players of the game. Crux has more than 100 encrypted levels to which you will have to find passwords. Tasks would become more difficult moving forward. Special software and even computing resources may be required to you to solve some of the tasks. The main rule is quite simple: “to find the next password by any means”! You will have to think hard playing the game. Player able to solve tasks individually or in community with others. Different tasks in the game have different theme and informational focus. Even the best from players will not fill themselves quite confident solving some of tasks. Token Crux can be used by player to get hints to complete difficult task. We call that “solving the complex puzzle tokenization”. You understand the way to get the hints starting the game. You will recieve extra bonus in the form of password phrases of token Crux keeping wallets when you are the complete some levels quicker than others. Immediately be ready to transfer them to your wallet you have absolute control. Before another player does it fastser!

Crux is the utility token on the Waves platform. The token is issued by 500000 in amount of 3PNL863vvWYMDjCrJ4qK9NCXGYyb2E8crux. There is no selling of crux tokens and there never will be. Tokens will be dustributed in the following way:

  • 5% (25000) will be sent to 12500 active adresses in eqal numbers as an advertising and project popularization tool.

  • 20% (100000) will be distributed between 101 adresses, which private keys were hidden between the game levels in the form of bonuses.

  • 50% (250000) will be assessed to the first of 1000 of our airdrop. (Airdrop participation conditions are in our telegram channel).

  • 25% (125000) will be reserved for the next part of the game.

Crux tokens will be issued in a limited quantity in order to make them more liquid and difficult-to-obtain. Probably Сrux will has a certain value in the future. So that its quantity will decrease constantly! You will know about it in detail later.
Details in our telegram channel @secretgamecrux

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I wanted to try this game, but still dont have time for it. I heard it is really hard

The given cryptographic game is really interesting and I believe that there are many users who will like this game too. The game is totally dependent on the cryptographic signs and it will attract the users to avail that.

First password uoEthB5pLaLZHdz2Tp2cqsyrpKcrux