Sagres: an open source web app for generation of vesting smart contracts [hackathon entry]

Greetings, Waves community!

Sagres is an open source app developed by me for the WAVES smart contract hackathon and is currently live at

It can be used to define linear vesting schemes with max vesting period and vesting cliff at the start. Smart contract restricts withdrawal of predefined asset for individual accounts of project founders, investors, employees and consultants. An individual smart contract should be deployed for every account that needs vesting scheme.

Vesting is an important incentive design tool that can be used to align incentives of project co-founders, employees, consultants and investors.

Why Sagres?

Sagres is a beautiful place in Portugal, where steep cliffs are shaped and eroded by waves. I find Sagres to be a fitting name for vesting contracts for WAVES blockchain.

Sagres is open source and is published on Github


Cool. What’s your future plan with this?


Thanks! I’m planning to continue to develop the app, improve testing and keeping it in sync with RIDE updates and perhaps incorporating new features depending on the demand from the community.