Scams on waves

Hello, everyone.
I would like to talk to you about the new coins created every day on the waves platform.
What are the good projects in your opinion?
They all look like fakes to me, there are very few good ones.
The volumes are definitely low.
They don’t have any projects behind them.
I’m honestly saying all this because I have launched a new real estate project on blockchain.
what do you think?
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Какое вы имеете право так судить?
Опустить всех, чтобы сделать себе на этом рекламу???


Hi, I was making a generic speech because I noticed that most of the tokens created do not have a purpose. I’m not judging, we’re on a forum in fact my question was also which according to other you users could be the best projects to invest in and support. I think it’s entirely reasonable to talk about what the best future projects can be, don’t you think?

Put aside cases of apparent fraud. Anyone has the right to an idea, and its implementation. until he surrenders himself, we have no right to judge him. maybe his project in ten years will be the best. Any case of fraud must first be proved. until it is proven, it is not a fraud, even if everything talks about it. Everyone has the right to the project.


Yes, that everyone has the right to create a healthy project I completely agree that it is useless to create tokens without purpose or am I wrong?

no purpose, useless. you’re right.