Seed Phrase - Correct but I cannot recover account

Hi Everyone

Today I tried to access my account after about one year.

I found my HANDWRITTEN 100% correct, seed phrase and tried to connect to my account.

my phrase is written all in small letters, with one gap between each word. No matter what I type, spaces, no spaces, capitals, small letters, changing the spelling (even when I am sure about the correct spelling) NOTHING works. it is driving me crazy!

The platform is unable to find my wallet. It just leads me to a blank empty wallet with no past transactions.
What can I do at this point please

I know my seed phrase, and my wallets address.


hello, normally the recovery phrase is all lower case, type words for words and check leave only a space between words, in the last word leave no space. I hope you can recover because losing access is very frustrating.

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Please consider this problem solved.

I had a second seed phrase for my actual wallet. The seed phrase I was trying to use was probably from an older wallet that I never actually used.

Thank you

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