Setting up a fund coin

We are looking to create an open end crypto fund where there is a possibility to enter or exit on a listing at a decentralized exchange with an endless issuance of coins. Ideally there would also be the possibility to distribute the profits by means of issuance of new coins.

  • What are the steps that need to be taken ?

  • What are the things we have to extra attention to during this process?

  • What are the advantages of setting up this idea on the waves platform in comparison to the competition ?

  • Is there a possibility for technical support on the DEX API’s ? It would be ideal if it was possible to buy the fund coin through an API directly from our website.

  • What are the estimated expected costs a standard fund coin setup?

Thanks in advance!

You can just issue asset and trade it. Waves is a platform which allows you to do this. Everything else depends on you.

Looks like in this project the most difficult thing is legal side, technically it’s simple.

Easy to start, community, nice DEX client.

One can trade via API, but this requires to have user’s private key in your application. If you customers trade via web-side they are currently required to share private keys with web-site. We are working on browser extension which will allow to do this without sharing a key with web-site.

Asset issue costs 1 waves. Order on DEX - 0.003 waves.

I have a great idea that keeps the value of waves solid and the only lawful firm of issurance alive but i cant afford to let sum one steal this :bulb: i been working on it for to long . i would need a private convo and a great offer and im a balanced deal maker long as u happy im happy.