Shared Money


How it works
To gain access to our system, it is first advisable to understand the basic cryptocurrencies, because for you to have access to the system you will need Waves cryptocurrency, with it in possession, just send the amount you want to our shared Master Node, through Leasing (coin rental), And you will get weekly gains in one-to-one parity, for each Waves rented to our Masternode you receive a TSM token as a reward, And if you wish you can cancel the rent at any time, without having to notify us and no charge to you.

Detail, despite your rented Waves to our masternode, we can not sell them or transfer them to any place, only you owner can do that.

New product innovation and additional entry into the ecosystem will enable the reduction of barriers to access and cost of capital for all and will facilitate non-friction payments for more people.


Adress: 3P5U8ZikkSytNFoFGE2xrtkCQRuPAUaLt1D
Aliases: sharedmoney

QR Code: sharedmoney


Bonus payment
Our payments are in the form of bonuses, one to one, that is, each of the rented Waves you will receive a Shared Money Token (TSM) as a bonus.
Payments are made every Monday;
There are no fees.
Explorer: Token Shared Money

Every 100 Waves rented earn 1% on the quantity;
And earn TSM token bonuses every Monday (this is not promotion);
There are no fees.

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