Should it be the users choice to move coins to spam or should a centralized authority control it?

Most of the new “smart” tokens on waves are complete scams, scripted in a way that makes it virtually impossible for you to sell the token (such as Alogic), yet they don’t specifically break the waves token issuance rules therefore are allowed to stand by the central authority at Waves, meanwhile solid projects have been delisted simple because their unique ticker id has letters combinations that are used in part by other crypto, even with no evidence of intent to deceive waves users & no complaints… So my question is, are we adult enough to move trash to our spam folder or do we need a centralized authority to control what we see on the DEX? & do you think this level of control weakens the image of the waves blockchain in the eyes of crypto investors around the world?

You duplicated your message (posted the same to different threads). I call it spam

I wasn’t sure of the best topic, posted it randomly & then to the ideas section because I thought that was a better approach. If the message doesn’t mean anything to you then what does it matter? There is no profit here for me, I just want to see WAVES be the best it can be. Are you one of these unsellable token issuers? or does that not matter? What about legit projects that had to jump to another platform simply to keep their tickers? These are legitimate & serious issues that effect the overall performance of WAVES & all tokens on it’s platform.