SICP | Security Intelligence Cryptocurrencies Platform

Cybersecurity infrastructure of the blockchain and antifraud in the cryptocurrency sphere. SICP - scam, trust, compliance.

The SICP token is already traded on the exchange to attract investment. The internal infrastructure of the platform will be based on Waves smart contracts. Information services SICP will be provided internal tokens that will provide organic growth tokens.

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How to buy SICP tokens to participate in private pre-ITO…? #Waves #SICP

Launched a pilot project of the service of evaluating the reliability of crypto wallets and conducting investigations of crimes committed using cryptocurrency -

The Crypto Threat intelligence provided by blockchain companies is used by banking, financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to monitor, investigate and prevent financial crimes such as Financing Terrorism, Ransomware, Bitcoin mules, and Extortion that involve Cryptocurrency. Exante is is the best and reliable trading platform, before use try exante reviews.