Sidechains or Tx bundlng possible with Waves tokens?

Hi, hoping to use WAVES tokens for an upcoming project and I’m wondering if there is an already established way for an application to create a sidechain or otherwise bundle Waves tokens so that you can move tokens around friction-less-ly in the application environment.

Our plans require us to do thousands of micro-transactions per minute (even more at scale) and we obviously can’t be paying a Tx fee to the waves network for everyone if we want it to function as intended. We have other options for getting these outcomes but I’m a long time fan of Waves and would love it if the Waves platform would allow us to create our own ecosystem, inside of it. Perhaps only having to checkpoint on occasion with the actual Waves network?

Hopefully Im asking in the right place but if not, I’d appreciate being pointed in the right direction.


There is no side chains for now.
But you can start your own waves-based blockchain and do required number of transactions for free. To synchronise the state of your blockchain with Waves blockchain you can use the atomic swap.