sigVerify in one line

For example we have data set connected to the account

[{"1":publicKey}, {"2":publicKey}, {"3":publicKey}]

and code in RIDE for dApps

    func sig(tx:Transaction, key:String) = {
        sigVerify(tx.bodyBytes, tx.proofs[0], getBinary(this, key).value()) 

    func sigVerifyAll(tx:Transaction, mod:String) = {        
        sig(tx, mod+"1") || sig(tx, mod+"2") || sig(tx, mod+"3") 

sometimes I get an error which described situation when getBinary(this, key) doesn’t return ByteVector

Is it possible to take value() or return false in any unexpected situation without match?

No. You should use match in this case

func sig(tx:Transaction, key:String) = {
        match(getBinary(this, key)) {
          case _: Unit => false
          case k: ByteVector => sigVerify(tx.bodyBytes, tx.proofs[0], k)