Soccer game trial

At @KolinPlatform we created this trial for a #P2P game where users could in the future organise bets on their own behalf. Funds are protected in the #Waves #Blockchain and, in simple words, Winners get funds from Losers #BuildOnWaves #BUIDL @wavesplatform. Any comment/suggestion is welcome. You can contact us either via Twitter or Telegram. This trial will be up just for the next few hours and all Tx IDs will be shared publicly after the game is finished.

it is 1 million to be split among winners. Those wallets gather funds from people betting. in this case, there are two different accounts holding the bets for the team supported. Once the game is over, the looser account send all its funds to the winner account. The winner account send all the transactions back that has received + a proportion of the pot to distribute the proportion is [Winner bet + [(Winner bet / Total winner bets) * (Total losing bets)]]

I really like this, but what is happening after the draw?

It was a draw but as the second leg is on 13/03, we have time for adding a few updates. 2 million Kolin will be distributed among the ones playing. Remember to transfer either Waves or Kolin to “betforliverpool” or “betforbayern” addresses to participate (See picture). [source]