Social Share button giving away asset as reward

Hello, I am looking to create a social share button that will give away my waves asset as a reward for sharing content. However, I am having a hard time finding ways to make it happen and posting here to see if any of you fine Wave developers can guide me to the right direction.


i think this doesnt exist, currently, you would haver to create a website, with acounts and wallets, interconnected with the waves blockchain to achieve that, i am no coding expert, but maybe you will find someone here for that.


I am more than willing to hire a dev knowledgeable of the Waves blockchain to make it happen. I have wondered if it were possible to use wavedrops faucet and connect it to share buttons in some way, so as to facilitate the task.

Hi. You can write me in PM here on forum, let discuss this

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I am new to the platform, I might sound silly, but how do I PM you?

click on the avatar in the window showing up there is a “message” button

Nope, there is no “message” when I click o the avatar. strange

Possibly because of my new status, maybe you can PM me instead.

not “your” avatar. the avatar of the person you want to message to

I understood that, I click on his avatar and there is no message button.

Nope, i don’t have it. I checked in every browser, I guess people will just have to PM me instead.Very odd.

I cant Pm you could you please PM me. Thanks