Socio-anthropological predictions Waves blockchain

Now there is confidence in the capabilities of economic systems that can be based on Waves and it is necessary to create a hybrid model of a decentralized network structure on the basis of organizational scenarios that combine the cellular, modular, riso, equipotential, eusocial, neural, egalitarian network organization paradigm and cooperative high-performance theory research distributed registry management.
At this time, the matrix is ​​consolidated for communication between business processes and people. You can use sociocultural technologies when using social networks or visiting techno events in the real world, accessing information related to interdisciplinary research, new applications of blockchain, new technologies of social organization, development projects, without a deep immersion in these topics.
Let’s explore together the possibility of predicting the changes in the economy occurring in the process of digitization. As forecasting tools, can use mathematical models and analyze transaction costs. We also need an analysis of the consequences of the idempotent addition of information (knowledge) to the model of economic equilibrium.
For consensus, it is possible to jointly discuss the problems of constructive circumvention of technological singularity by developing collective subjectness in crowdsourcing technologies.

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To find solutions, can conventionally group by modular system:

  • :seedling: Module NATURE
    Designed to preserve natural capital, manage environmental assets and liabilities

  • :ok_man: Module HUMAN
    Designed for the development of the socio-anthroposphere, which determines the vector of development of man and humanity proper

  • :couple: Module SOCIETY
    It is designed to search for universal principles and practical methods of co-evolution of complex social systems

  • :hammer_and_pick: Module TECHNOLOGY
    Designed for social reflection on convergent technologies on the social sphere and human nature