[Solved] How to recover an account with Ledger and wavesBackup file

Finally, I logged in with the Ledger. It seems that switching back and forth made the USB connection unstable, also I removed the USB hub and connected the Ledger directly to the computer.
After restarting the computer, I managed to log in creating a new user with the Ledget which had the same wallet address.
Then I selected to migrate the account from waver.exchange to the new WX.Network and log in again with Ledger.

Hi there,

In 2022 I created an account in Waves Exchange. I downloaded the app and logged in with my Ledget and a password. Fast forward to the end of 2023, I no longer have that computer and I am trying to recover that account to access the tokens.

What do I have?

  • I have the Ledget hardware wallet I used to login.
  • I have a backup file I downloaded when I created the account
  • I dont have the browser, nor the application I used to use for accessing, the laptop is dead.

The Waves Backup file looks like this:

    "type": "wavesBackup",
    "lastOpenVersion": "1.6.24",
    "data": "some random characters",
    "checkSum": "more random characters",
    "time": 1609329114015

What did I try?

Using the old version of Waves Exchange app:

  1. Log in using my Ledger wallet, it prompts me to create a new user, it does not recognize my previous user. At this point, I stopped because I am afraid that if I create a new user this will overwrite my previous one.

  2. Log in using the third option, software.
    I create the a new password and I say recovery account, then I select to restore the account from the backup file but it does not find any user.

What else can I try?

Thank you for reading.

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Could you describe how you solved it? It may help other users experiencing the same problem.

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I wrote the update on how I solved at the top of the post, under: [solved]