Some ideas for implementations for WAVES

Some ideas for implementations for WAVES

  • Use random ports and UDP and TCP connection instead of single ports like 6869, in addition to having all communication paths encrypted using strong algorithms. Because of this, not even your ISP can decipher the content of your communications.

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption over TCP connections

  • Encryption ECDHE + HC-256 in, UDP connections, Routing
    Semi-Structured Block / Slot Mechanism (database-like).

  • Transaction anonymization system (CoinJoin)

  • In addition to WavesNG use an off-chain transaction system to have immediate instant transactions and no confirmation in the blockchain with no possibility of double spending

  • Block pruning system, make it possible to dispose of useless information and save only the data, balances and scripts of each account

  • Adaptive Blocks Size System

  • Instead of a fixed time for the forging of blocks, have a variable time between 60 and 100 seconds for the creation of blocks

If anyone can comment on the respects of these ideas I appreciate it

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Any developer there to give feedback on this?