SorteCash a rewards token


SorteCash is a token created on the Waves platform.

SorteCash is the token that will reward everyone who keeps a balance in the SorteCash account. Get Rewards from SorteCash Keeping at least one SorteCash token in your wave portfolio to earn your rewards in SorteCash.

Automatic Payments

The rewards of SorteCash holders are paid automatically, you do not have to do anything, just keep the right amount of SorteCash tokens in your Waves wallet.

Operation of the Stock Exchange

The SorteCash Stock Exchange will work like this: The buyer will buy 10 SorteCash, he keeping saved those 10 SorteCash on the Stock Exchange, the buyer will get a profit of 5 SorteCash per week, the buyer holding the 10 SorteCash on the Stock Exchange for a month, the buyer will make a profit of 20 SorteCash per month. The Token SorteCash will work looks like an investment savings. You keep at least one SorteCash in the Waves wallet or even more, you will be rewarded with SorteCash.
For example, you saved 1 SorteCash, per week you get 0.50 SorteCash.

Asset Details:
Name: SorteCash
Details: SorteCash a rewards token
Number of coins: 500,000,000 ( Not Reissuable )
WAVES Identifier: Fg2ueKCxJAXkWmW8ZZXt8irFVbgiFrrGBRhHsbwBBuHK
Waves Explorer :