Sponsor update. Get $2 for every referal. FortuneXt aidrop update

Topic with airdrop:

Recently Fortunext.io has launched an airdrop in which all participants can get $5 to their account(they can be withdrawn) and 20 WDX tokens.

In order to make users more interested in airdrop, Fortunext decided to launch a special sponsorship program, thanks to which the most active participants will be able to significantly increase their rewards.

How to become a sponsor?

If you want to get even more rewards from Fortunext.io, you can attract people to our site with your sponsored link.

If you want to participate in the sponsorship program, specify the following answer in the Google form:

Link to Google form:

Who would be interested?

— The owners of telegram channels with a live audience;
— Site owner;
—Other users who also have some audience.

How to get a sponsor link?


As a sponsor, you will receive $2 for each participan t who took part in airdrop by registering on your link.

Important: you will only receive a reward if the user you invited has also participated in airdrop. You will not receive a reward if users who have registered on your referral link did not participate in airdrop.


1.If it is found that you are registering multiple accounts, for unfair rewards, all your accounts will be blocked.
2.Sponsorship awards will be awarded to users after the end of the airdrop.


When will I receive my sponsorship rewards?

— After the airdrop. (28 February 2019).

I joined an airdrop before the sponsorship program was introduced. Can I become a sponsor?

— Yeah. Just start share your sponsor link.

Can I withdraw my rewards to my wallet?

— Yeah. But the minimum withdrawal amount is$20.