Sponsored Transactions on Testnet

How do i test for sponsored Transactions on the TestNet, i noticed that the transaction i created for my sponsored payment is no longer available, its now showing “Unknown transaction” on the TestNet explorer.

Also , how long does a block take on the testnet, the doc says sponsored transactions are only available 10,000 blocks after creation, meaning i cant test immediately after creating it,even on the testnet, can this be reduced on he testnet?

I believe you can use your token for fees right after your Sponsor transaction has been mined. You might want to try this on testnet, it’s free :wink:

Testnet has been rolled back some time past week, that’s probably why you don’t see your tx anymore.

When was TesNet rolled back?

I think my transaction was on Friday,last week

Just made another sponsored transaction,looks like there might be something wrong with the transaction though.

See here


Hi, what’s wrong with this transaction? Could you give more details?

I am not sure if there is something wrong, that’s why i asked,
though it seems the signature field is empty, should it be empty?

And payments are still using waves instead of the custom assets even though the transaction has been mined


Payment is still showing Waves as fee currency instead of the custom coin

This transaction has proofs fields instead of signature. It’s similar, but allows to put several signatures (will be used for smart accounts). Explorer just doesn’t show it yet - need to be fixed.

In order to pay in assets your application should to specify feeAssetId in transaction, otherwise waves will be used.

That means i can’t use this with the Payment API as there is no way to set the feeAssetId with the payment API

I think we will add a feeAssetId to the payment API as soon as other important tasks have been finished.

While we are at it,
pls can you also add a memo field to the Payment API?

yes, of course, we will add