Sportiwo - Become part of the biggest open sport network and earn

We are presenting a new token on Waves platform: Sportiwo.

This token will be the main currency for our new sports web portal:

The main idea is to allow users to participate in an open sports platform, where they can create sports competitions, enter data, and share it.
And for all that activity they will earn some points that can be later converted to cryptocurrency.

We decided for a token on Waves platform because that is easy to create, control and trade, with no need to invest in own cryptocurrency (for now :-))

The website is almost ready and will be launched very soon, we hope in less than a week.

With our long time experience in sports projects and with this idea to couple it with the crypto, we hope that this can be found interesting for both worlds.

For more information you can visit us on the following links:

Facebook page:
Discord: is open.
Become part of the biggest open sport network and earn.
Join us to find more
First 10 members who join our Discord server will receive 1000 Sportiwo tokens

Virtual betting is activated.
Register, login, and bet on current matches.
Only the first month, all rewards in the weekly table will be multiplied by 100 with Sportiwo token

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