Sturgeon Farm for produce Black Caviar

Sturgeon Farm on the BLACK CAVIAR

Our web site:


We have successfully completed the first round of the AIRDROP company!
There are already 100 members in our community !!!

We are starting the second round of the AIRDROP company!
For 1000 participants - 110 BlackCaviarTokens FREE !!!

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This is one project I am very happy about

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A very good project and it will go places from all indications

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1 BlackCaviarToken = 1 gram Black Caviar



Looks interesting… Good and detailed work plan

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I think this project will be great. As we know, the black caviar is a very pricey commodity. Who doesn’t want it? It’s delicious, guys! :joy: So, why don’t start investing in this commodity? Don’t you see the chance?

I think that Is a good project

We greet you!

We have successfully completed Pre Pre Sale:
Sold (2%) - 1,100,000 Black Caviar Tokens, at a price - $ 0.0005 - 0.0035
Budget: $ 1,100

Thanks to the first investors of our project !!!

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I like this project … very good idea

Thanks to the first members of the community for your interest in our project!

We will work hard to exceed your expectations !!!


Many thanks to all members of our community for your interest in our project!
We will work hard to meet and even exceed your expectations!!!

AIRDROP for BlackCaviarTokens holders:

After completion of the main investment tour project: Sturgeon farm on Black Caviar.
BlackCaviarTokens holders will receive AIRDROP.
1 BlackCaviarToken = 1 Security token - Polt Eco!
Total AIRDROP for BlackCaviarTokens holders:
55,000,000 Security tokens - Polt Eco.

Goood projt

In the second round, sold (2%) 1,100,000 BCT to a private investor !!!

Good concept,good coin and project


Good Token BCT

Best Token

Next week, will be announced date the AirDrop tokens VST from the Vostok project for Waves tokens holders.